I've already tried out many sports. I just jump from one to the other because I like to do sports. Sadly, my back won't always allow me to keep on practicing one sport but if that happens, I just move on to the next one. The sport I am diving head first into right now is mountainbiking. I also am on the lookout for some kitesurfing lessons. Would love to try those out!


Since a youngling, I've been hooked on music. Whether it is making my own (on my guitar or ukulele) or just listening and chilling on the couch. I just can't get enough. The music I like varies a lot, ranging from lo-fi to EDM (almost any genre in that category) to rap/hip-hop to something with guitars (not the heavy kind though).

If you want to know a few songs that I listen to, check out my SoundCloud profile.


Since I broke the pc at home when I was a little guy, I wanted to show that I don't break everything that I touch. Since then, I started to show interest in computers and software and how it all works. Now I'm studying exactly that and I'm loving it. It gives enormous satisfaction when you code something that was really hard to make but works in the end. My dream is to eventually be one of the best there is and I'm striving to fulfill that goal.

Another hobby of mine that is sort of related to IT is digital art. I love pixel art for example and I have a lot of respect for those artists and I really want to learn it myself so, I've picked up some software and started. I'm loving every second of it.