About me

year old boy studying to become a full fledged programmer whilst enjoying life to the fullest and shooting every picture he can.

I love to program whatever I can. Whether it's games or make an application or even learn a new language, I love it. That's the refreshing part in my sector which keeps it interesting. Sometimes it can get annoying and when that happens, I just take a break, go on a trip with my camera and shoot pictures or go do some sport. Since I am somewhat of an amateur photographer, I do like to travel around the world and capture her wonders.

Outside of those hobbies, I do like to hang out with my friends and just goof around or go for a drink.

What I do...

From what I can remeber, I've always loved taking pictures. I started when I was a little boy but recently, I've gotten real hooked on photography. Now I go running around, shooting whatever I can and experiment with different settings. Here you can preview some of my work but If you want to see more, be sure to visit my photography account on instagram!

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I just love venturing into the wild and shooting the raw mountains, the forests and the skies.


Athough animals aren't my forte, I'd like to get better at shooting them and so I shoot them when I get the chance.


These celestial spheres are one of the most satisfying subjects to shoot. I've loved them since I was little and I'll keep on loving them

Since I shoot pictures, I figuerd it would be great if I could enhance and correct them as well.



What I offer you:

If you like my work, I could always offer advice, answer questions and edit one or two pictures.
Just contact me via mail.

I've already tried out many sports. I just jump from one to the other because I like to do sports.
Since a youngling, I've been hooked on music. Wether it is making my own (on my guitar) or just listening and chilling in the couch.
Since I broke the pc at home when I was a little guy, I wanted to show that I don't break everything that I touch.


Curriculum vitae


Download my curriculum and other certificates. (click the icon)